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At Henderson Family Law, we put our deep knowledge of the law and the legal system to work for you, as we guide you through your family law matter.

We take the time to know where you’ve been and where you’re going.

We help you understand exactly what you need to know to make the decisions that are right for you.

We’re proud that our clients tell us they value our candid, compassionate and respectful approach.

We are the only multi-lawyer firm in northwestern Ontario that focuses on family law. Family law is all we do and we do it well.

If you’re dealing with a family law matter or just have questions, we’re here to help.

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A friend referred me to Henderson Family Law for my separation, which was extremely difficult. My lawyer was Tim Matthews and Evelyn Sabotic was the law clerk. They are very empathetic, patient and kind, which made the whole experience so much easier to manage; they just make everything comfortable. Tim is an excellent lawyer and he really knows how to hear what you’re saying. He’s ethical, straight to the point, and doesn’t try to guide you down the path of making things worse in order to get “more.” I couldn’t have asked for a better family lawyer. And Evelyn was just the icing on the cake—she is so sweet and considerate. They are a really good team together.


“My divorce wasn’t going too well and I wanted to find another lawyer for a second opinion. When I met with Tim Henderson I knew straight away he was the right lawyer for me. He got me on the right path: he told me to take the high road and compromise, and that saved me a pile of money and stress too. Tim is a good listener and he’s honest and ethical. I’ve referred a lot of people to him and everybody is glad that they got him.”

Mario Costa

“I worked with Tim Matthews for my custody case. I felt like he genuinely cared about my family, and he went the extra mile when getting the Office of the Children’s Lawyer and the Children’s Aid Society involved. The case did go to trial and Tim was very upfront about the retainer and financing, which makes a big difference for your stress levels. I’ve recommended him to a number of people since then.”

Johannes Vanden Broeke

“When I needed a lawyer for a custody and mobility matter when my son and I moved from Fort Frances to Thunder Bay, I worked with Rebecka Angell and Tim Henderson. They kept me in the loop, made sure I knew what all my options were and put me at ease during a really stressful time. There were no games played—they were very kind to the other side and represented me in a very professional manner. I also admired how they interacted with the judges and the other lawyers. I highly recommend them.”

M. MacDonell

“I worked with Tim Matthews to get my will done. He was very helpful and genuinely cared about my situation. I felt I was in good hands and he really made sure my interests were thoroughly looked after. He explained everything in easy-to-understand terms and left me with a greater understanding of my situation than I had ever had. I highly recommend the Henderson Family Law firm. It’s big enough to have the resources to get the job done and small enough to have personal connections with the clients. The work was done in record time and they took the worry out of the process.”

Rob Andrews

“One of the attributes I appreciate most in Tim Matthews is his accessibility. Although I was travelling while Tim was handling two different family matters for me, he promptly replied to my emails or phone calls and handled issues in a timely and appropriate manner. Because Tim treated my family with such respect, patient consideration and good humour I came to think of him as a trusted friend. While working on our complicated estate case, his willingness to liaise with our accountant and other professionals was exemplary. I highly recommend Tim to anyone looking for an amiable, approachable and accountable lawyer. If I couldn’t reach Tim immediately his law clerk, Evelyn Sabotic answered my questions in a personable and professional manner and made sure Tim was aware of any concerns. She is a valuable asset to a very professional law firm.”

D. Metzler

“I needed a lawyer regarding custody of my three kids, and I chose Lauren Conti and Henderson Family Law. I honestly couldn’t ask for a better law firm. Lauren knows my case inside and out, she responds quickly if I email or leave a phone message, she’s very straightforward and she’s compassionate and respectful. When I moved away from Thunder Bay to Dryden I kept her as my lawyer. When something else related to family law comes up for me, there is always someone available at Henderson to talk to, and it’s so nice to have that back-up and feel that everything’s going to be okay in a stressful situation.”

Taija Hall

“Tim Matthews handled my divorce. He was calm, understanding, down-to-earth and polite, and he took away a lot of my apprehension and anxiety about the situation. I was so impressed with his abilities and his kindness that I later hired him when I was trustee for my parents’ estates. He went over all the potential questions that could come up, and he made me feel confident he was taking care of matters on our behalf. I would recommend Tim to anybody. If another matter comes up, I would go to him immediately. I also really appreciated Evelyn, Tim’s law clerk, who was extremely capable and outgoing.”

Gerrie Saipe

“I got in touch with Tim Henderson about my divorce. Before that, I had another lawyer at another firm and we just seemed to be getting nowhere for two years; I felt like I was always in the dark. Tim explained everything in detail and kept me apprised of every situation as it developed, in a timely manner. If you have to go through an unfortunate situation like a divorce, you need to be with somebody like Tim who is going to walk you through the process and guide you, as a legal professional, so you can make decisions. Tim is an honest man with integrity. I absolutely recommend him, 100 percent.”


“When I was going through a separation, I retained Tim Matthews. The whole experience was positive. Tim was amazing—he was very informative and returned my emails or calls in a timely fashion. He always supported fairness in our separation and wanted to make things as smooth and amicable as possible for us. Evelyn was super-helpful and always punctual with getting me information that I needed. I would definitely recommend Henderson Family Law to others.”

Janelle Rizzo

“I chose Tim Matthews when I needed to hire a lawyer regarding custody of my son, and I’m so happy I did. He really took the time to explain everything and tried to help me see the best way possible to handle sensitive decisions. He was patient and kind, and I felt like he really cared what was going on. His approach in court was calm and he knew exactly what to say and how to say it. Even after the case was closed he reached out to me to see how I was doing. I couldn’t be happier with the service he has given my family.”

Jessica Wabick
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